I, Human*

My name is Yann Le Du : it originates from Celtic language and translates to John The Black or John The Dark. You can find the word du in the name of the city Dublin, which means Black Lake in Celt.

I work as a postdoc at the Laboratoire Aimé Cotton since September 2006. There, our team investigates the properties of certain types of doped crystals for the devising of a quantum memory.

Before that I worked also as a postdoc in the Theoretical Physics Department of the University of Oxford, from June 2000 to June 2002, and kept on collaborating for some time with researchers over there - who then moved to the the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge.

My focus then was the development of artificial neural networks and Bayesian data analysis techniques for the search of baryonic dark matter at the galactic scale using microlensing observational techniques. I also took part in some research on the modeling of comparative software development in the closed source and open source framework, and this work had quite an echo in the Internet community.

After graduate studies at the Université Paris VI (France), I defended my thesis in May 2000 on observational cosmology, for which I developed an automatic statistical analysis pipeline of the massive data from the galactic scale dark matter study initiated by the AGAPE collaboration in Paris.